Banana-nut pancakes

Shopsin's: Banana pancakes (dare I ask for the nuts they forgot)

Vegetable dumplings and pork sesame pancake

Vanessa's Dumpling, Eldridge Street: Vegetable dumplings and pork sesame pancake

Momofuku cereal-milk ice cream with caramelized cornflakes

Momofuku Milk: Cereal-milk ice cream with caramelized cornflakes

The Tulsa: on the menu at Lobo, Cobble Hill

Lobo, Cobble Hill: Tulsa on the menu!

Bahn Mi at Baoguette

Baoguette, Grammercy: Pork Bahn Mi

Half a Bahn Mi at Baoguette

Baoguette: Literally a $5 foot long, but a really good one

Pakistani on Crosby Street

Lahore, Crosby Street: Pakistani, frequented by cabbies and myself

Best Vegetarian Lunch: Lentils, spinach and okra on Basmati

Lahore's Vegetarian Lunch: Lentils, spinach and okra (camera phone not doing justice)

Terrace Bagels Weekend Special: half whitefish salad, half Nova lox

Terrace Bagels, Windsor Terrace: Weekend special half whitefish salad, half lox

The Bark Dog at Barks Dogs, Park Slope

Barks Dogs, Park Slope: The Bark Dog with pickled hot peppers and the most delicious buttery, toasted bun!


Grand_Slam_plateGrand_Slam_closeupGo_Go_chefMatsui_posedIt’s fast food, but I swear someone spent hours on the sauce. Go Go Curry, 38th & 8th in Manhattan, serves up a curry so deeply brown, sweet and heavy it sent me to bed at 9:30 pm. It’s comfort food to the Japanese, and to any starch + fat- loving American out there.

So basically, you start with gobs of curry sauce over sticky rice and add on the proteins. The Katsu, or fried pork cutlet, curry is a popular choice; but of course, I wanted to try it all. My husband and I split the Grand Slam platter, which–with a squinted eye–resembles a plate of the same name from a certain 24-hour breakfast diner (essentially, a pork cutlet and glutinous rice replace pancakes). I checked my dietetic registration at the door.

So where does Matsui and baseball come in? The “Go Go” in Go Go Curry is “55” in Japanese, and NY Yankee Hideki Matsui’s number. According to the copious amounts of Matsui paraphernalia wallpapering the joint, he’s #1 and curry is #2. Menu items are also categorized in baseball terms, with the (not so) small being a “walk”, building up to the homerun and the #6, Grand Slam Curry.

And worth mentioning, they feature a competitive eating contest; however, the rules were in Japanese. Anyway, the menu tells me I am already an MVP just for ordering the Grand Slam.

If I can’t afford a ticket at the new Yankee stadium, this will do just fine.