Peach Cobbler with Local Jersey Peaches (sorry Georgia)

It has been seven (!) weeks since we received our very special delivery. Weighing in at 7# 13oz, our beautiful daughter Georgia arrived on June 19th. And just as I hoped, she came out hungry.

Thanks to our family and friends, we received weeks of home-cooked and dropped-off meals. It was absolutely priceless to spend time tending to our newborn rather than a stove. A brilliant website, Meal Train (, helped make it possible. The site goes so far to ask about the recipients food likes/dislikes and allergies. Kind of amazing to be tended to in this way…a personal chef’s little fantasy.

So week 7 of motherhood! I’m probably sleeping just enough to not cut all my fingers off, so I went ahead and commemorated our sweet daughter Georgia with a peach cobbler (sans blueberries– And cooked us a meal while I was messing up the kitchen anyway–my favorite Swiss chard and black bean salad–with the seasonal addition of sweet corn, raw and crunchy like I like it!